About the school

About the school

Elementary school Sofia School

Welcome to the Czech-English bilingual school Sofia School, located just a couple of kilometres from Prague in the municipality of Jirny.

Why are we called Sofia School?

Because “Sofia” means wisdom. This we perceive as coherent knowledge and a complex view of the world, which we want to give our children.


Private Czech-English
elementary school Sofia School

is welcoming, familial, independent and playful. Gaining knowledge here is not only a way to wisdom, but it is also a form of game and entertainment. This way we can support the children’s natural interest in knowledge, discovery and in the development of their personality.

Our Czech-English school teaches children how to seek solutions, perceive connections, present their opinions and thoughts as well as to listen to and respect others.

Private elementary school Sofia School teaches every pupil to think logically, use information and work individually or as a part of a team. Our children are not afraid to make mistakes, because they know that a mistake is a natural part of the learning experience.

Elementary school Sofia School prepares children not only for a smooth transition to prestigious high schools, but it also equips them with an excellent knowledge of the English language and the ability to communicate fluently about any topic.



Mgr. Danuše Svobodová, ředitelka a zakladatelka

Mgr. Danuše Svobodová,
director and founder



is co-financed by the European Union.

The aim of the project is to strengthen our team with a school assistant
and implementation of the project day in teaching.