After-school club

After-school club​

Care before
and after class

Private elementary bilingual Czech-English school Sofia School provides care for the pupils even after class, during the afternoon in the after-school club. Children can stay in the club even in the morning before class, should the parents need so.

In the after-school club, pupils can devote their time to diverse extracurricular activities, relaxation and creativity, as well as assisted preparation for class.

Upon the request of parents, the after school-club tutors can help the pupils with their homework, which is focused on revision and practice of the topics that have already been taught. The children can therefore come home prepared for the next day of teaching and the parents won’t need to spend time working with them on their homework. Some of our clients choose to use this service, while others prefer working with their children.

The price of the after-school club is 1000,- CZK per month and it is open every Monday – Thursday 7:30-17:30 and 7:30-16:30 on Fridays.