How we teach

How we teach

Our teaching methods

In our bilingual Czech-English school Sofia School, we teach using a bilingual method, where a Czech-speaking teacher alternates with a teacher that speaks only in English. The English-speaking teacher revises topics that have been covered in Czech, which the pupils already understand.

Some classes are taught both in the English and Czech languages. Teaching in the English language is therefore intense, but natural. The gained knowledge and abilities are being revised in the English language, therefore the pupils not only broaden their knowledge of the topics, but at the same time they are deepening their knowledge of the English language with specific vocabulary. Thanks to this process, the English language becomes a natural part of the children’s communication and they soon develop a fluent understanding and active communication.

Children who are new to the English language and need to develop their communication, can attend Sofia School’s program for developing English language knowledge through extracurricular activities. These are scheduled in the afternoons under the leadership of English language tutors.

Since Sofia Schools is an elementary school with extended language teaching. Our educational program features 8 weekly classes of English starting from the first grade. This way, English becomes a part of everyday life of our pupils from the very beginning of their attendance. A third language is added in the third grade.



Parent’s testimonials

„We could not have made a better decision than to put our daughter to the bilingual Sofia School, where she is excited every day to see her amazing teachers. We as parents consider it a benefit that we don’t have to revise with her every day, because she completes all of her homework at school with professional assistance. We simply know, that she is perfectly taken care of.“

Petr and Ingrid

“Our daughter Anežka has been in the 1st grade of Sofia School since September 2020. She is always very much looking forward to school and is excited about teaching English. Each of us parents had different requirements when choosing a school. We wanted a school where our daughter would receive a quality education while maintaining an individual and kind approach to the child as a human being, and it seems to us that both of these requirements are met. If other parents have similar expectations from the school, we can safely recommend the school.”

Zuzana and Radek

“We are satisfied parents of two children, one of whom attends Sofia School and the other Sofia School. We chose the school and kindergarten for a long time and in the end we made the right decision. At Sofia School, children like it and look forward to it every morning. We appreciate the individual approach to children and teaching in a fun way. Satisfaction of children and their needs come first here and that is how it should be.”

A. N.