Parent’s testimonials​

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Parent’s testimonials​

To, že v přístupu k dětem jdeme správným směrem, potvrzují i reakce rodičů našich školáků.

„We could not have made a better decision than to put our daughter to the bilingual Sofia School, where she is excited every day to see her amazing teachers. We as parents consider it a benefit that we don’t have to revise with her every day, because she completes all of her homework at school with professional assistance. We simply know, that she is perfectly taken care of.“

Petr and Ingrid

„We are satisfied parents of two children, one of which attends the elementary school Sofia School and the other attends Sofia School preschool. We have been choosing both for a long time and in the end we chose well. Our children are happy in Sofia School and are excited every morning. We appreciate the individual approach to the children as well as teaching in an entertaining way. The satisfaction of our children and their needs are a priority and that is how it should be.“

A. N.

„Our daughter Anežka attends first grade at Sofia School since September 2020. She is always very excited to go to school. The teachers and tutors have a very kind attitude. Anežka is enthusiastic about the teaching of English. She also prefers to stay in the after-school club as long as possible, so that she can be creative and play with other children. The school managed the transition to remote teaching without the tiniest problems and the classes retained their full value. Each of us had different requirements when choosing a school. We wanted a school, where our daughter will obtain high quality education while maintaining an individual and kind approach to the child as a human being. At this moment we feel that both of these requirements are fulfilled. If parents have similar requirements for a school as we have, we can recommend the school with confidence.”

Zuzana a Radek